Parents pose with Nemo for pregnancy pics for a very touching reason

life 12/09/2017

This couple's maternity shoot has gone viral for all of the right reasons. After a series of scans they found out that their daughter was missing her left hand, so the pair decided to do something unique for their planned photoshoot. 

“On that day we found out our sweet girl has no left hand, it was so hard to hear that just thinking about how mean people can be towards people who are ‘different’ and of course not wanting anything to be wrong with your child,” the mum to be wrote on Facebook. 

“But I was also at peace with the news because everything else she measured perfect and she’s nice and strong! She is our nemo. She has a fin that’s a little smaller than the other, but she will conquer anything her little heart desires to do!

The reason they chose Nemo is really quite touching. In the popular Disney film, 'Finding Nemo', Nemo is born with one fin smaller than the other. Throughout the course of the film, Nemo refuses to let his 'lucky fin' hold him back. The parents chose to use Nemo to represent their child as a positive role model for when she grows up.

“This is not a disability or a bad thing, she will be a little rockstar no matter what! She will do it all! We love you so baby girl!” 

You can see the Mum's full message on her Facebook page...