Restaurant invents the Yorkshire Pudding Pizza

omg 08/09/2017

The classic Yorkshire Pudding has received a delicious Italian upgrade.

Rebels Smokehouse, a BBQ restaurant in the UK, has put a British classic with the Italian favourite, to create the fusion Yorkshire Pudding Pizza.

The pizza-filled Yorkshire pudding is not for the faint-hearted, with a large 1500 calories of your daily intake, and features a sausage base, topped with tomato and lashings of cheese, and comes served in Yorkshire’s iconic bread.

The Yorkshire pudding is pre-cooked before the topping go with it into the oven upside-down - that way the pud remains crispy.

The creator of the British/Italian pairing says the idea was inspired by looking at nostalgic foods on his menu.

"We were thinking of the Chicago town pizza – because we all ate these as a kid, more often than not in frozen form, when we decided to pair it with the Yorkshire pud.

"Of course, it was the natural progression as we’re all from Yorkshire."

Source: Metro