Katerina Kamprani

The most annoyingly inconvenient household objects

omg 29/09/2017

We didn’t think that art could be so annoying until we saw this gallery of everyday household objects by Athens-based architect Katerina Kamprani.

The collection of uncomfortable and inconvenient objects has one goal:

All the objects you see… are deliberately designed to annoy you.

We don’t usually appreciate the genius design of everyday household objects, but after seeing this collection, you'll begin to respect how well made they actually are. 

The artist started the project after failing to finish their industrial design studies in 2011 and has continued to add to the collection ever since.

Check out some of the best images below:

The engagement mugs

The uncomfortable watering can

The uncomfortable chair

Chain fork

The uncomfortable entrance

You can check out Kamprani’s website to view the entire collection.