The top 10 bogan baby names you shouldn't use in 2017

A column on an Australian parenting website has gone viral with the suggestion of the top bogan names for 2017.

The author, Sabrina Rogers-Anderson, wrote the column for Kidspot Australia and says her name columns have become so popular she's written a book called The little book of bogan baby names.

Here is what not to name your new-borns this year:


  • Bacardi
  • Gaige
  • Harisyn
  • Jakxsen
  • Jarren
  • Kendrew
  • Laken
  • Nicomachus
  • Wyliumm
  • Zyler


  • Alize
  • Dijon
  • Enivid
  • Feebi
  • Harleen
  • Jazlyn
  • Kiranda
  • Mignon
  • Vejonica
  • Zyla