Cafe receives backlash for going 'screen free' in parts of the day

life 10/10/2017

A cafe in Canada has received heavy backlash after banning cellphones (along with other technology) from after 5pm daily.

The cafe advertised their new policy with a sign reading 'Close your screens, meet your neighbours! Lion and Bright is now screen free after 5pm daily.' 

While the idea has been praised by some who think we already have too much screentime, it has also been blasted by others who see it as intrusive.

A regular of the cafe took to Facebook to vent his frustration over the new policy.

"I go to get some work done in the afternoon, enjoy some really nice local craft beer and have a bite to eat. Even with my laptop, I do manage to chat with people there I know but fewer people I know are going there."

"The service has been really, really poor and this new "rule" (who imposes unwelcome, patronizing rules on their customers, btw?) makes it completely inhospitable."

The disgruntled customer goes on to add that the cafe used to be his favourite place, but not any more.

What do you think, would like to see cafes in New Zealand make an effort to get people off their devices, or is the whole thing a bit intrusive?