McDonald’s employee reveals the simple trick to get a fresher meal

life 04/10/2017

An ex McDonald’s employee has revealed a very simple and easy trick to ensure your food at the fast food giant is always fresh.

The employee revealed it all comes down to the times when ‘secret shoppers’ are more likely to come in. Generally these times are between 12pm-2pm and 5pm-7pm. Most secret shoppers will ask for a receipt, so if you ask for one during these times, the store is more likely to think you’re ordering to judge them and give you a fresher meal.

‘If you ask for a receipt in that time everyone will be immediately alert that you could be a potential gapbuster and they’ll make sure to serve you the freshest burger and fries and give you priority over everyone else.’ the employee said.

Naturally the stores are keen to get a high rating from the secret shopper, so by using this receipt trick you should be able to pick up a fresh meal.

Source: Metro