People are losing it over the pronunciation of these 'Nice' biscuits

Food 25/10/2017

Everyone has a word or two that they consistantly pronounce wrong, but for many of us we didn't even know we were pronouncing this one wrong!

The 'Nice' biscuit is often used for dunking in a hot drink, but people are losing it online after finding out the biscuit isn't pronounced nice as in kind, but nice as in the french town!

Urban legend says that the biscuits were first created in the late 1800s and were a favourite of Queen Victoria. She loved the sugar coated bicky so much she took a stash of them to France on a royal visit which is where they got their name.

So while the word 'nice' might accurately describe the taste, if you want to pronounce it correctly you'll need to use a bit more French flare! 

How have you been pronouncing this biscuit all this time?

Source: Metro