People share the hilarious things they used to believe as kids

funny stuff 04/10/2017

As kids, we're all convinced that some things far from truth are actually real. Take a look below at some of the most hilrious things people believed to be true when they were kids...

  • “My mum told me that when Mr Whippy played his music he had run out of ice cream.”
  • “I used to think that the council employed dwarves to sit behind traffic lights to change them."
  • “That canned spaghetti was worms in tomato sauce… Thanks older brother... Still can't eat it.”
  • “I told my daughter the sheep stayed on the hill because they have half legs on 1 side. That's why you can buy 1/2 legs of lamb at the supermarket. She was a believer for years.”
  • “We told our kids the blue and red drop pins on google maps were their GPS in their heads! Believed it for a few years.”
  • “I thought if you got an electric shock people could see your bones like in the Cartoons.”
  • “Mum told me if my hair was long enough to touch my eyebrows it would eat my eyebrows.”
  • “My uncle had half a thumb. When I asked him why he said he was a thumb sucker and sucked it straight off… Never sucked my thumb again!”
  • “That the steam that comes out of the industrial buildings was a cloud maker.”
  • “Mum told me when I lied my eyes would change colour. I used to close or cover my eyes… Then she always knew I was lying”