The most popular baby name in the entire world has been revealed

we love 31/10/2017

Baby Name Wizard has revealed the single most popular baby name in the entire world. The study looked at names used in countries all over the world and surprisingly found a clear consensus.

The most popular name was Sofia/Sophia, an expert recently gave her thoughts on the results.

“For three years it topped the name charts in both the United States and Russia. When was the last time those two nations agreed so completely on anything?” the expert said.

"In essence, the entire Western world has agreed on the most attractive baby name.”

When asked why the name was so popular, the expert said that "the name is instantly recognisable as a classic, yet it was uncommon in every spelling from the 1930s through the 1980s."

"That means today's parents didn't grow up surrounded by Sophia's, so it doesn't sound tired or over-familiar to them."

So if you know someone struggling with a baby name idea, Sofia might be a safe bet.