Woman goes viral after hilarious fake tan mishap

omg 06/10/2017

A woman's fake tan mishap has gone viral after she shared a picture of it online.

Eve uploaded the picture of her tan with the caption "That’s the last time I work out with tan on, by the way ahahah". By the looks of things, she got her fake tan done and then went straight to the gym - but the Adidas logo down the side of her tights rubbed into the tan leaving behind a bold logo down the side of her leg.

She would've been pleased once she saw the huge amount of comments flooding in from people who had done the exact same thing!

Adidas even Tweeted Eve back, acknowledging they'd seen her Tweet - Eve cheekily replied by asking "Does this mean i get free stuff?"

So if a fake tan is on the cards some time soon, it might pay to stay away from tight clothing for a bit just to be safe.