Your favourite colour says a lot about your personality, psychologists say

life 05/10/2017

A group of color psychologists have been looking at the link between people's favourite colours and their personalities. They found some interesting character traits related to each colour...


Blue is the colour of trust and responsibility. People who like blue tend to like stability and are not fans of big changes. You are a genuine person but often guarded with who you trust.


Red lovers are often extroverted, optimistic, courageous and confident. You find it easy to make friends and are considered a 'doer'.


Compassion is a big part of people who like the colour purple. You care deeply about others and will often put your own needs second. You may be more of an introvert but also deeply creative.


Green lovers are level headed. You're incredibly loyal both as a friend and a partner, but can become anxious relatively easily.


You're incredibly positive! That's what they say about yellow lovers. You prefer hanging out in small groups and have a clever mind. You also may find it hard to communicate what's going on in your mind.


Pink fans often lack self confidence. You are caring towards others but will often not give yourself the same. You're also very in touch with your feminine side!


Orange lovers are true leaders. You excel at bringing people together and organising and are good at being assertive without being aggressive.


Gold people are infectious, you make those around you feel good but are also a bit afraid to open up - especially romantically. You also may a tendency of letting 'fake' friends into your life however.


Those people who like black are all about prestige and power and can take themselves too seriously from time to time. You may come across as 'harsh' or 'cold' but mainly because you are trying to protect yourself from harm.

Source: HelloGiggles