Aussie couple lose out on $520k after failing to name NZ's capital city

funny stuff 01/11/2017

An Australian couple have been left red-faced after they blundered what they thought would be an easy question about New Zealand, and lost out on $520,000.

Jess and Lee, a married couple who were contestants on Channel 7's The Wall, left the show with nothing after getting the answer to "What is the capital city of New Zealand?" wrong.

For Kiwis looking at the four options - A: Auckland, B: Christchurch, C: Wellington and D: Queenstown - there will be some disgust that they weren't able to identify the correct answer, given it's pretty easy for most of us.

And Jess, at least at first glance, appeared to be pretty sure husband Lee - who was in another room and couldn't hear her - would be able to get it with ease. So sure, in fact, that she doubled the bet.

That upped their potential earnings to NZ$520,000, but proved to be an error of judgement as Lee picked option B, and took the money they walked away with right down to $0.

Perhaps most comically was that Jess was screaming at the monitor as Lee was making his decision, and urging him to pick A for Auckland - which would also be wrong.

The capital city of New Zealand is Wellington.