Glitter cappuccinos are the new coffee trend to make your mornings sparkle

omg 10/11/2017

Not enough shine when you 'rise and shine'?

Baristas are constantly trying to find new ways to reinvent the cup of coffee - and the newest trend has seen cafes from Melbourne, Australia to Mumbai, India put a bit of sparkle to every sip.

Glitter cappuccino have taken coffee art up a notch, and decorated it with edible glitter.

And while edible glitter is not a new concept, the #glittercoffee hashtag on Instagram has taken off - especially with photos of the Gold and Diamond Cappuccino (as it’s officially called) from Coffee By Di Bella, a chain of coffee shops in Mumbai, India.

However, while you can eat the glitter, it doesn't really provide any nutritional value or benefits. But if you want to sparkle up your mornings, nothing says rise and shine like glittering coffee.