Husband called unreasonable for telling his wife not to give handmade gifts

omg 14/11/2017

A woman has taken to the Mumsnet website to air her frustrations after her husband shot down the idea of handmade Christmas presents.

The woman had been searching the web for inspiration, when she finally found it - she didn't get the reaction from her husband to what she expected...

"My dear partner comes home and I tell him about my idea to make a homemade gift for my Secret Santa present this year, as I think I can do something really cool with a limited budget (I’d been thinking bath bombs and sugar scrubs as they look easy)." she wrote.

"He says that 'no one' appreciates home made gifts unless they are really, really good." 

Disheartened, the woman asked for some feedback, which was mixed.

"Sorry but I think he has a point! It's hard to make them look good and they can be expensive! However as long as you are prepared to accept defeat and buy something if they go wrong then have a go." one person wrote.

"Home made gifts are great for kids to give to relatives and teachers.

If an adult gives a home made gift then they need to be sure that they're really good at crafting and that it is going to somebody who would really appreciate it - Secret Santa work colleagues don't always fit the criteria." added another.

But others were a little more sympathetic. "Although I think he has a point, his method of delivery left a lot to be desired!"

Do you see any problem with a homemade Secret Santa gift?