Sick 7 year old gets his dream of working as a policeman fulfilled

we love 06/11/2017

7 year-old Danny Herbert has had his dream of working as a policeman fulfilled.

Danny suffers from a rare condition effecting the right side of his heart, which is thought to be terminal. But the Make A Wish Foundation and some police officers in the UK have worked to give Danny a day he'll never forget. 

‘When I was contacted by the Make a Wish charity about Danny, I was really keen to make his dream of becoming a police officer a reality.’ the Chief Inspector said

‘The support and enthusiasm shown by colleagues across the force was amazing and we all really tried to make the day as special as possible.’ he added.

Danny got to do a whole raft of activities during his day 'on the beat', including checkin cars weren't speeding...

When asked about the day out, Danny's mum said ‘It was such a fantastic day for Danny and he truly loved every minute of it’.

Source: Metro