The adorable reason why dogs always try to lick you

we love 01/11/2017

They're mans best friend, but sometimes they can be a bit too clingy... Or even licky! An expert from Animal Planet has recently revealed the reason that dogs can't stop licking us and it's pretty cute.

"Right from birth that is how the mother communicates with her new puppies." the expert says.

"Its how she stimulates them to start breathing and how she cleans them when they are born, so it's very important to the survival of puppies."

"Licking releases pleasurable endorphins which gives dogs a feeling of comfort and pleasure — like the feeling people get when they are biting their nails — it relieves stress.  If your dog's licking is purely a sign of affection, one way to decrease this is to ignore the licking."

So basically dogs lick us for 2 main reasons, because it makes them happy and they see us a family member!