Failing your driving test first time might make you a better driver long term

omg 04/12/2017

A recent study from a UK insurance company has suggested that those who fail their driving test the first time around might end up being better drivers.

The study examined a number of drivers and monitored their speed, acceleration, braking and cornering during the study. Each of these aspects was given a score out of 100 and the results showed those who had failed their driving test first time scored on average 6 points higher.

"We all have a family member or friend that has claimed to be a better driver because they passed first time - many consider it a badge of honour." said the CEO of the insurance company

"However, our research suggests the opposite."

"Not only does it put an end to the widely held view that those who pass their test first time are better drivers; it also highlights that the best drivers are those that have overcome failure and benefited from spending more time behind the wheel as a result."

So if you know anyone who failed their license first time around, it might be time to lay off the jokes!

Source: Independent