People are losing it over these 'co-sleeping' beds big enough to fit a family

we love 06/12/2017

If you struggle sleeping next to your partner, imagine sleeping next to your entire family!

This massive 'co sleeping bed' from The Ace Collection has been doing the rounds online. The bed was specifically designed to fit a whole family and is 12 feet wide - it is essentially double the size of a king mattress.

The bed won't come cheap however, it'll set you back a whopping $6000 NZD!

A lot of people are showing their love for the bed online, but it seems more people are keen to have it all to themselves rather than share with their family.

Others are keen to have one so they still sleep with their partner but have their own space. "We need the family size, purely so I can get some sleep without you talking to me." one person wrote.

Would you be keen for one of these massive beds in your place?

Source: Metro