Scientists confirm there is a 'right way' to hang toilet paper

omg 12/12/2017

The debate over the 'correct' way to hang toilet paper has been raging for years, but scientists have recently done a study which may put the argument to bed once and for all!

To figure out which way was better for our wellbeing, the researchers examined a series of toilet cubicles to monitor the bacteria in different places.

"Researchers identified 19 groups of bacteria on the doors, floors, faucet handles, soap dispensers, and toilets of 12 public restrooms in Colorado — six men’s restrooms and six women’s restrooms. Many of the bacteria strains identified could be transmitted by touching contaminated surfaces."

The study basically concludes that having the toilet paper hung over instead of under is much better for our wellbeing. Walls in toilet cubicles often contract a large amount of germs, so when then toilet paper touches the wall directly you are more likely to pick up those germs. In fact, some of the bacteria you are more likely to pick up similar to the stuff that causes food-poisoning!

However, the researchers concluded that no matter what way you hang the toilet paper "as long as you wash your hands with soap and water, you will be fine."

Source: Inc.