Tip Top limit products to counter potential ice cream shortage

NZ 20/12/2017

If you love goody-goody gumdrops and cookies and cream ice cream, you better stock up now as Tip Top’s supply may be limited this summer.

While the ice cream factory told Fairfax they are “not going to run out” and "there's not going to be a complete shortage over Christmas,” stocks may be lower than normal on certain items as they cope with demand.

Tip Top says they are re-prioritising its production line so more popular products will be available, including Trumpets, Popsicles, most Frujus and vanilla ice cream.

But this comes at a cost to grapefruit and lemon Frujus, and goody-goody gumdrops and cookies and cream ice cream which will not be produced as frequently.

The warmer than usual weather has increased demand 25 per cent since last year.

"At times people may not be able to get the ice cream or ice block they want and we sincerely apologise for that," sales director for Fonterra Brands Tim Carter said to Fairfax.

While the factory are usually prepared for the demand at this time of year, they’ve assured ice cream lovers that they’re bringing in extra staff and extra shifts, so you’re able to cope better with a sweet frozen treat over summer.