Woman furious after husband buys her chutney for Xmas and spends more on mum

omg 20/12/2017

A woman has been left furious after discovering her husband has only bought her chutney for Christmas when he has spent much more on his mother. The frustrated woman took to Mumsnet to vent...

"I've realized dear husband has bought me a gift set of chutneys this year and I hate it." she began

"Especially as I helped him choose a lovely gift for his mother which cost three times as much and which I would have loved."

"I can't even take it back because it's gift food. Is that all I'm worth to him a tenners worth of chutneys?"

People were quick to jump on with their views, with many showing their support of the wife.

"Tell him that it's great that he is so prepared and bought the Christmas chutney for the house and so could you talk about things that you'd like for Christmas." one person suggested.

Someone else suggested that the chutney might be a way to throw her off the scent of the real present. "I hope he has a proper present hidden away for you." someone else added.

But not everyone was as supportive...

"Why are so many people whinging about what their partners have gotten them this year? I'd appreciate a chutney tray with some posh cheese." one woman wrote.

"In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter. You sound quite materialistic, which isn’t an attractive quality." wrote one user.

Would you be happy to receive chutney from your partner?