Your birth order in the family says a lot about your personality

omg 12/12/2017

Every family is different, but a recent study from Psychology Today has looked into traits linked to the birth order of each child. While some findings may not surprise you, others might! 

First borns are natural leaders in and out of the office. They also have a high attention to detail and are often considered perfectionists.

The middle child will often feel overlooked by their family but excel when it comes to making friends and creating social circles.

If you're the baby of the family, you are considered charming and fun... But you also may have a bit of a manipulative streak about you.

Only children tend to share similar traits to first borns and feel more at home when they are surrounded by older groups of people.

Twins will often demonstrate a high level of empathy but also have a tendancy to be quite competitive.

How does this stack up compared to your family?

Source: LittleThings