Bullied teen shares heartbreaking messages to her mum

omg 24/01/2018

The awful moment a US teenager was forced to text her mother to bring a change of clothes to school after being mocked for her size has been shared widely online.

Heartwrenching images have been posted online of the high school student's text conversation with her mum, in which she requests a tshirt and jeans in exchange for her dress, which had left her legs exposed.

"People are making fun of me and taking pictures of me and I wanna change," she texted, with her mother arriving just over 10 minutes later with different clothes.

As it turned out, fellow school-goers had made fun of her earlier in the day, taking photos of her legs on social media messaging app Snapchat and sending them to one another.

The original post had an example of one such image, which had accompanied a photo of her legs with the caption "thicc".

While it's not clear where the images originated from, the images have been shared across the world alongside messages of support for the teen and calls to stop bullying.