Get married with 2018's new 'Naked Jumpsuit' wedding dress

omg 12/01/2018

Not everyone needs to wear a flowy, princess-like wedding dress on their wedding day.

And while bridal jumpsuits are not a new thing at weddings, this jumpsuit is so sheer, you may as well be naked.

Cristina Pedroche, a Spanish actress and model, commissioned a Barcelona-based fashion designer to create a one of kind look to make her wedding day that much more memorable. And it's definitely a dress that will have all eyes on the bride.

The "naked jumpsuit", with its distinctively careful placement of floral lace and appliques, has gone viral on Instagram. 

InStyle report that the piece was crafted with “lace, chantilly, and more than 200 embroidered crystals” and took over 244 hours to make.

If you're a bride looking for a show-stopping outfit, this may be the one for you!