Kids create enormous 'bubble igloo' during bathtime

funny stuff 23/01/2018

A video of children creating an enormous 'bubble igloo' in the bath has mystified people on the photo website Imgur.

The person who posted the video offered no explanation as to how the bubble creation was made, and many commenters have asked how it happened.

"How do you get the bubbles to go up rather than all over the bathroom?" one commenter asked.

"How many containers of bubble bath did that take?" asked another.

Now scientists have explained how the tower of bubbles, which nearly reaches the ceiling, might have been formed.

Chemical engineer Donald Freese told LiveScience that most people should be able to create the foam tower at home - as they long as they don't mind making a mess.

"Foams are gas bubbles dispersed in liquid; no foam is perfectly stable, because bubbles eventually pop and the gas pockets merge, becoming larger and breaking down the overall foam structure," he said.

"But when soap bubbles are small and there are few disturbances, foams can stick around and stand up against the forces of gravity for a long time."

University of Rennes physics researcher Laurent Corbin told LiveScience that the bubble tower could be made just with soapy water and an air pump.

"New bubbles would then be created at the level of the liquid surface, while old ones on top of the foam get higher," he said.

To generate enough air raise the bubbles up to the ceiling, LiveScience suggested it would only be possible using bathtub jets or alternatively by installing a special bubble maker that fits at the bottom of the bathtub.