Kids who are made to do more chores grow up to be more successful

omg 18/01/2018

A new study has revealed some exciting news for parents, getting kids to do more chores around the house will help them be more successful later on in life!

In a recent Ted Talk called How To Raise Successful Kids - Without Over-Parenting, speaker Julie Lythcott-Haims claimed that making kids do work around the house will enhance their career prospects. She talks about how household chores help prepare kids for the real world and urges parents to avoid a 'Checklisted Childhood of Achievements'. By this she means when parents give praise or rewards for things that aren't actually chores.

"In the checklisted childhood, we absolve our kids of doing the work of chores around the house, and then they end up as young adults in the workplace still waiting for a checklist, but it doesn't exist." she says.

"More importantly, [they're] lacking the impulse, the instinct to roll up their sleeves and pitch in and look around and wonder, 'How can I be useful to my colleagues? How can I anticipate a few steps ahead to what my boss might need?" she added.

So by getting your kids to chip in around the house, in theory they should adopt a more 'can do' attitude and become more desirable to employers.

So the kids might hate you for it now, but will be thanking you in the long run!

Source: GoodToKnow