Man receives death threats for taking his wife's surname

omg 15/01/2018

An Australian man has received death threats after taking his wife's surname.

Grant Phillips announced the reason behind his name change on Facebook to let his friends know it wasn't a hack.

However, international media got wind of his decision and along with the coverage came hundreds of derogatory messages.

Mr Phillips was told to kill himself, and another wished a car crash upon him and his wife, Jade.

"I hope your wife can't have kids, that'll be God's way of punishing you," said another.

Others called his decision "feminine".

The couple say they never intended the name change as a political statement.

Ms Phillips was the last person in her family with the surname and the couple didn't want it to die out after her.

"Taking your wife's name is somehow still a big deal in our society," Mr Phillips told

"For some reason people think it makes you less of a man. Even after all my discussion with Jade and all my research, I still found myself sitting there thinking about what my mates would think.

"But then I realised I don't actually care what my mates think. This is not about them, this is about us. And if I can do this for her, to make her happy, then why wouldn't I?"

The couple got married in November.