Mum comes up with perfect way to re use her wedding dress

we love 31/01/2018

An Australian woman has found the perfect way to recycle her wedding dress while still holding onto some of the sentimental meaning attached. With the help of a talented seamstress, the woman turned her wedding dress into a bassinet cover

"I’m a sucker for sentimental value and love family items being handed down so, way back in 2015, as a newlywed, I decided I would eventually have my dress transformed into a bassinet cover," the woman wrote on Facebook. 

"Maybe, just maybe, any child of mine (daughters OR sons) would one day like to have their own new bubs snuggle down to sleep in it."

"Then, came this pregnancy! I searched high and low for a cream coloured bassinet so my wedding lace wouldn’t look dirty and got in touch with Jeannie, a Christchurch woman who owns and operates a bridal and alterations business not far from home on the Southside of Brisbane."

We can't believe this awesome idea isn't done more often!

Source: Hit

Photo credit: Claire Sherwood | Hit