Online scammers target Whittaker's Chocolate lovers

NZ 11/01/2018

Whittaker's has been forced to warn Facebook customers to stay vigilant after a fraudulent ad bearing company branding promised people would be sent free chocolate.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, the Wellington-based company said it had been made aware of the scam and was working to remove it.

"Caution Chocolate Lovers, we have had a few of you contact us about a scam going around that invites people to become Whittaker's testers," the post said.

"We wanted to alert you all that this is most definitely a scam, and the message is not from here at Whittaker's.

"We are doing what we can legally but stay vigilant out there and we suggest you do not engage with them."

The post shows a photo of the scam, which invites customers to become a Whittaker's tester and promises six bars of the company's artisan range.

Customers were quick to jump to Whittaker's defence and say thank you for its quick response to the issue.

"Thanks for the warning guys," one commenter said.

"Air NZ had a similar problem too here on FB - it is good when the companies being misrepresented come forward and alert their customers!"

In January, Air New Zealand had also been forced to come forward due to a similar scam and warn customers of adverts promising free flights in exchange for completing surveys.