Woman returns Christmas tree after New Years for a refund because "It's Dead"

omg 09/01/2018

In retail, they always say the customer is always right. But some are arguing this woman is abusing the refund system.

Post-New Year celebrations, one woman decided to take down her Christmas tree and take it back to Costco, an American wholesale department store purchased it from.

One eyewitness recounted the entire story to Facebook, explaining that the woman told the store she wanted to return her real tree on January 4th “because it is dead.”

He says he watched her for 30 minutes talking to the returns counter about the tree she brought back in, and said it was unbelievable “that someone had so little moral values or lack of conscience.”

The Costco store has a very lenient returns policy to guarantee almost all of their products a full refund, which the woman did actually receive for her ‘dead’ tree.

However, many who have worked at the department store confirmed that Costco will refund even the most ridiculous of items.

“Sister works for Costco, can confirm,” said one person on Reddit. “People do this all the time. They will even demand a refund without bringing back the tree!”

The things you would do to make Christmas cheaper!