Aussie mum horrified after finding deadly snake in child's lunchbox

omg 28/02/2018

You would expect to find fruit, a sandwich or even a packet of chips in a kid's lunchbox, but not one of the world's deadliest snakes. 

That was the surprise one Adelaide mother had when she was packing her child's lunchbox, finding a baby eastern brown snake hiding under the lid.  

Adelaide snake catcher Rolly Burrell, who the mother called, said she was halfway through packing the lunch when she saw the snake. She shut the lid and gave him a call.  

"Eastern brown snakes are the second deadliest land snake in the world. The baby snakes are as venomous as the adults," Mr Burrell told 9 News.

"It could have been very dangerous for the child if he put his hand in there, he could have been bitten and probably wouldn't have known he'd been bitten because it would have been a very soft bite.

"Snakes don't like hot conditions so they've got to find somewhere to cool off. Obviously he's gone into the pantry... maybe he was looking for something to eat."