Canadian woman catches thief, takes him out to coffee

we love 20/02/2018

A Canadian woman chased down a thief and then bought him coffee.

Tess Aboughoushe was walking down the street when she heard a woman scream for help and saw a man sprinting away from her on Valentine's Day.

The woman had reportedly opened her wallet to give the man some money when he snatched it out of her hands and took off.

Ms Aboughoushe chased him down an alleyway and then found him sobbing behind a dumpster in Edmonton city, Canada.

"He says, 'I can't do this anymore. I'm so sorry. I don't know what came over me. I'm so sorry. Please take it,'" she told CTV Edmonton.

The woman took a photo of the man to use as evidence, and then took him to a nearby cafe and bought him a large coffee.

Ms Aboughoushe told CTV Edmonton the man had expressed regret for his actions.

"If you treat people like they are human, you hope they will respond in kind," she said.

The man told her he was visiting the city with friends when they left him stranded without money.

Ms Aboughoushe directed him to the public library where he could find social workers to help with his predicament.

She has filed a police report, but does not want to see the man punished.