Driver doesn't know how to respond to bizarre passive aggressve note

funny stuff 22/02/2018

A politely worded note left on a car's windscreen isn't what you'd expect to divide the internet.

But it's done exactly that, with social media users arguing over whether the writer is genuine or being passive aggressive.

"Dear owner of the car," the note, left on a car at Bondi Beach, read.

"Would you kindly park your car a bit forward or backward because you are obstructing my view.

"From the owner of unit 10D. Martin.


The car's owner, Kurtis, posted the note to a Facebook group seeking advice. His vehicle was parked outside of an apartment block overlooking the waterfront, and was not parked illegally.

"The bloke's diplomatic I'll give him that!" One person commented.

"It's rare to get a note on your car that isn't filled with profanity and insults these days!"

"And to be fair, Martin has no doubt paid an absolute bomb for that view," another added.

But one Facebook user called it "self-entitlement at its finest".

"It's most likely a piss take," one person agreed.

The post, which gathered dozens of opinions, came to no solid conclusion.