Going bald? Wasabi is your answer to a full head of luscious locks

omg 20/03/2018

Listen up gents, or wives' (and hubby's) of those less fortunate in the head hair region, this go-to household staple could be the answer to regrowing your hair faster.

Japanese wasabi company Kinin recently discovered that chemicals found within the plant itself help recover lost hair faster than current and more commonly used hair-loss remedies such as Rogaine (minoxidil).

Now before you run off to the nearest sushi shop and start rubbing that toxic-green playdough on your head, keep in mind that they mean real wasabi. Fresh wasabi typically goes for around $200 per kg, and has a rather pungent odor unlike the horsradish replica served up with your lunchtime pack of sushi.

While there is currently no official scientific work to authorise the claims made by Kinin, there is heaps of pre-existing scientific research on wasabi and its many medicinal benefits.

The chemical isosaponarin, which Kinin claims helps stimulate hair regrowth, was previously noted to aid in human collagen production. The second chemical of note in wasabi, 6-MSITC, has also been shown to inhibit breast cancer cell growth.

As if we needed another reason to stuff our faces with wasabi covered sushi. Thank you science!