Taking a hot bath as good for you as a 30 minute walk claims study

omg 13/03/2018

A new study claims that sitting back and relaxing in a nice hot bath could be as good for you as going for a 30 minute walk!

Loughborough University studied 14 different men and got them to go for a 1 hour bike ride and then take a 1 hour bath. The blood sugar of each participant was then tracked.

Cycling was found to burn more calories as a whole, but relaxing in the bath also burned around 130 calories - roughly the same as a 30 minute walk!

The researchers believe the cause of the loss in calories comes down to something called 'passive heating' which reduces inflammation.

So while it make not be a full replacement for exercise, next time you find yourself chilling out in the bath, remember you're doing yourself more good than harm!

Source: Daily Mail