Woman called 'childish' after ditching sisters wedding over dress fitting argument

omg 28/03/2018

A woman's family argument has split the users of Mumsnet, with some even calling her childish. The woman's sister is getting married and she's a bridesmaid... But that's where things have come a bit unstuck.

"I started a diet and want to look my best for the wedding, I'm a size 12 but would love to be a size 10, (losing weight but finding it a bit slow)." the woman began.

"Anyways she was putting pressure on going bridesmaid shopping, I told her I wouldn't be comfortable at the moment trying on dresses but for her to go ahead with the other bridesmaids & pick the style..." she added that she would get fitted closer to the date.

She was then pressed by her sister, who asked if she was really committed to being a bridesmaid.

The woman then received a call from her mum saying she had broken up the family.

"Anyways had my mother ring me the weekend call me every name under the sun, accused me of breaking up the family, requesting I'd better make an apology to my sis!" she explained.

"I will definitely not be going to her hen because she got our parents involved, my mum has taken her side which she always would because she's the favoured child!

"I don't want to go to her wedding now because of the way I was spoken to by my mother! It has taken the joy & love out of it!"

Most people weren't on her side however... And they certainly let her know!

"If you don’t go to the wedding then you’re probably not going to have a relationship with your sister anymore (and possibly wider family)." one person argued. "You need to consider if that’s what you want."

"Get over yourself and grow up. It's actually not about you." someone else wrote more bluntly.

What do you think, who is in the wrong here?

Source: The Sun