Manchester bomb survivor moves people to tears with her dance team's performance

we love 24/04/2018

'Hope, Strength, Peace' is what Hollie and her dance troupe Rise wanted to promote when they took to the Britain's Got Talent stage in Manchester for their audition.

The girl dance group, who are aged between 10-24 years old, had been dancing together for almost six years before their member Hollie was badly hurt in the Manchester Arena bombing last year.

Hollie's own aunt Kelly Brewster was killed in the same attack, protecting her niece.

The 13-year-old, who had significant injuries and still cannot walk or support herself properly on her left leg, said all she could think about was dancing again.

So Hollie's crew Rise put together a performance where she could still take part, and also pay tribute to the journey they had gone through - with some of Ariana Grande's hit 'One Last Time' as part of their show.

Watch the reaction of the crowd and the four judges as they performed their act on the Britain's Got Talent stage.