Queenstown tourist's bungy jump attempt gets lost in translation

NZ 24/04/2018

A tourist's hilarious misinterpretation of a bungy jump has been captured on camera as she stood arms spread like Rose in the Titanic for over a minute. 

Amway China representatives visited AJ Hackett Bungy in Queenstown last week as part of their trip to New Zealand.

The adventure company posted a video of the hilarious moment on Facebook, which has since gone viral.

Everything looks to be going well in the lead up to the jump. The woman can be seen waving and smiling at the camera as she stands on the edge of the Kawarau bridge.

But as the bungy instructors count the woman in with "three, two, one bungy jump!" she remains on the spot with a gleaming smile on her face and her arms out, seemingly unaware that she should be jumping at this point.

The woman and the crowd start chanting "jiāyóu", a Chinese cheer with a similar meaning to "come on!" or "you can do it!", which the instructors hope will encourage her to jump.

Yet she doesn't, and remains firmly on her spot.

"You need to go that way, you're going to jump forward, you need to go, you can't wait here," one instructor says. 

The woman seems to finally realise that she needs to jump, responding "ah tiào (Mandarin word for jump)".

She doesn't hesitate from that point, leaping off the platform and losing a shoe in the process.