Couple uncovers the hidden compartment where all missing socks go

funny stuff 26/04/2018

Ever thought your washing machine was eating your socks?

It could be true, as one woman discovered when she opened up her washing machine.

Cathy Hinz's husband, a Californian trailer park manager, discovered the treasure hidden within the washing machine. Inside were not only just socks, but underwear, loose change, and even a credit card trapped inside.

Talking to Bored Panda, she says her husband was originally trying to fix a washing machine that 'was just not working properly'.

"Now, for those of you that SWEAR, your machine eats your small things, and have been told by 'professionals' and others that this fable just is not true… Here is the proof!" Cathy shared.

The photos went viral after user Sarah Rose shared the photo on Twitter.

"25 years he has been doing this job, and for 25 years he has been working on appliances, including washers and dryers. But NEVER have we seen this!" Cathy said.

"So next time you are missing socks, just remember! That washing machine might just be hungry!" she added.

Source: Daily Mail