'Dog selfie' goes viral after being called one of the best in the world

we love 14/05/2018

A dog "selfie" posted by an Ohio doggy daycare is in strong contention for being one of the best ever taken. 

The photo of Rogue, a Labrador mix, and his buddies was posted by Go Fetch Dog Daycare and Boarding in Loveland, Ohio. 

Since being posted, the photo has been shared thousands of times on Facebook.

One user exclaimed, "I think this needs to get sent into the Ellen show!" noting it's similarity with the famous Oscars selfie taken by the talk show host.

Dogs at the daycare crowded around the camera, which captured their expressions in varying stages of bewilderment.

The photo is fittingly captioned, "A bunch of goofballs!"

A selfie taken by a monkey in Indonesia resulted in a lengthy court dispute between the man who owned the camera and animal rights activist group PETA.