Couple cement their love with mac & cheese themed wedding

we love 15/05/2018

You might love mac & cheese, but do you love it enough to theme your wedding after it? That's exactly what foodies Mark and Emma did to celebrate their special day.

The pair surprised their family and friends by getting married at a Mac & Cheese festival known as Pastaval which takes place in Glasgow 

"Everyone was just enjoying the festival, there were about 200 people there, which was friends, family and just people who had wandered into the festival," said the newlyweds.

"I had to sneak off to get ready and then it was announced we were going to get married."

"There was a big cheer when we came round the corner to do the ceremony."

"Everyone had a good laugh about it and the people who knew us were hardly surprised because it was a bit off the wall – like us."

The wedding was complete with a mac & cheese bouquet, themed cufflinks and a macaroni cake.

While they clearly love each other, it almost seems like they love mac & cheese more!

Source: Metro