Dad shocked as stranger takes away son's food from supermarket trolley

omg 03/05/2018

Internet blogger and stay at home dad Chris McGuire has shared an unusual situation he found himself in while shopping at a super market with his son.

"The strangest thing happened to me. I was in a supermarket, looking around to find something for my toddler son’s tea – so far, so run-of-the-mill." he began.

"I looked around to discover a lady, of pensionable age, unloading the contents of my basket – tutting to herself. I asked, as politely as I could, what she was doing."

"'He won’t like any of that,' was the reply I received. I assured this lady that my son regularly enjoyed the food she had pilfered from my basket – yet, despite this, she refused to give it back. I was in a no-win situation, so I made a quick exit."

While most of us probably agree this is pretty odd, some people have come forward since and admitted the same thing has happened to them!

Since Chris shared his story, readers coined the term'Gransplaining' - a term for when elderly people give unwanted parenting advice. 

Have you ever seen something similar to this go down in your local supermarket?

Source: Mirror