Meghan Markle takes down sexist TV commercial at 12-years-old

we love 29/05/2018

Video has emerged of a 12-year-old Meghan Markle fighting back against a sexist TV commercial.

The Duchess Of Sussex once featured on a Nickelodeon show called Nick News, where she explained how she forced multi-national corporation Proctor and Gamble to change the advertisement.

The pre-teen took issue with a line in a dishwashing liquid TV ad that said: "Women are fighting greasy pots and pans with Ivory Clear".

Meghan explained: "I don't think it is right for kids to grow up thinking that mum does everything. It's always mum does this, and mum does that."

She recalled the commercial prompted the boys in her class to react with sexist comments like "that's where women belong - in the kitchen".

The future royal was "furious", and resolved to write a letter to both the president of Proctor and Gamble, and the US First Lady at the time: Hilary Clinton.

"In the commercial they said 'women are battling grease', meaning only women do dishes," the letter read.  

"I was wondering if you would be able to change your commercial to 'people all over America'."

Just three months after she sent the letter, Proctor and Gamble decided to do just that.

Meghan finished with a message to other kids who might have witnessed inequality.

"If you see something that you don't like or are offended by... write letters... you can really make a difference, not just for yourself but for lots of other people."

Meghan has continued to fight for women's rights throughout her career, recalling her childhood letter in a speech at the 2015 United Nations.

"I had created my small level of impact by standing up for equality," she said during her address.

Whether or not she will be able to continue her activism now that she must adhere to royal protocol after marrying Prince Harry remains to be seen.