Mum baffled after getting told off for calling a stranger's child 'gorgeous'

parenting 23/05/2018

A woman has been left feeling a bit baffled after being told off for calling a stranger's child gorgeous. The woman shared her story on Mumsnet.

"I was stood on the pavement outside a cafe waiting for my food order. It was a glorious sunny day in a tourist village so there were loads of people milling about." her post began.

She added that she was waiting there with her 9 month old daughter sitting in her pram.

"A man (late 30s?) walked over carrying a toddler. He said his daughter wanted to look at the baby. A little bit of small talk followed in which I introduced my baby to the toddler. I asked how old his daughter was (22 months) and said to her, 'hello lovely, aren't you gorgeous!' The man looked me sternly in the eyes and said, "oh no, don't tell her that, language like that ruins them!"

The woman was quite shocked by the response and mentioned she calls her friend's kids that all of the time. She asked the online community for some feedback...

"I do get the logic behind focusing on other qualities when complimenting girls especially. It does seem to be all focused on looks with girls which I do think should change. Saying that though I wouldn't correct a stranger in the street like that when they're just trying to be nice either." commented one person

"I would say that being told I was pretty as a little kid (which I was) did cause me problems, because (a) it made me feel like being pretty was something important and that I'd somehow achieved something because people thought it about me." added another.

But not everyone was on the same side...

"You can see why the world has problems when this sort of thing offends people?" one person simply put.

"Ridiculous. He needs to join the real world if this is the biggest issue in his life." scolded another.

Do you see any issue with the woman's use of the word?