Neighbour's anonymous note about nakedness leaves couple feeling creeped out

omg 07/05/2018

A couple from Newcastle in the UK were shocked to receive an anonymous note from their neighbours who were sick of seeing the pair naked.

Karin and Jay Stone received the body-shaming note from neighbours who claim to be able to see the couple through their windows.

"We are sick of seeing big bums, big boobs and little willy," the note reads.

The neighbours also threatened to call the police and report the Stones for "indecent exposure".

The note went viral after Jay posted it on Facebook.

The couple were in disbelief and told The Mirror, "It does feel really creepy - I feel like somebody has been peeping".

"I'm going to put a note up in the window saying STOP LOOKING IN MY WINDOWS YOU PERVERT," said Ms Stone.

The Stones have received several replies to their post suggesting how to get back at the body-shamers, with performing naked yoga making the list.