New revolutionary shampoo could be the cure to baldness

omg 10/05/2018

A drug normally found to support brittle bones could be the key to curing male patterned baldness in days.

Researchers have discovered the treatment, known as WAY-316606, could one day help millions of men after it saw human hair follicles grow in a matter of days.

The study, published in the journal Public Library of Science Biology, involved 40 men struggling with baldness.

In tests, follicles from patients undergoing hair transplant surgery were treated and quickly went into the active phase of growth, sprouting 2mm within just six days.

The drug was initially developed to help osteoporosis but lead researcher Dr Nathan Hawkshaw, from Manchester University, said it was "exciting" to use the drug in a new context.

“I’m very optimistic it could work. In lab tests, the drug started promoting growth in hair follicles in just two days – that’s pretty quick.

“We are looking at using it as a topical treatment, a gel or shampoo that could reach the follicle.”

They now hope to carry out clinical trials on blokes with thinning patches says The Sun.

Source: The Sun