New trend sees adults have birthday parties at the gym

omg 09/05/2018

It's crossfit instead of cake, weights instead of wine.

A trend has been spotted where adults would rather spend their money doing physical activites rather than going out and dancing, or having a special ocassion dinner. 

American trainer/wellness coach Caroline Jordan said she hosted her own 'Birthday Bootycamp', involving doing squats, lunges and celebrating her birthday with 31 burpees, as opposed to 31 birthday candles.

A rise in birthday packages with "Ninja Warrior" styled courses or pole-dancing fitness classes have also proved to be quite popular.

“When you’re out partying, you aren’t actually bonding with people,” Caroline told New York Post. “You can’t hear them, and you probably won’t remember it the next day.”

“As more people participate in Tough Mudders and Spartan races, we see the rise of the ‘suffer-fest,’” she said. “People want to suffer together because it brings them closer, brings more camaraderie.”

So if you're looking for something to make you sore other than a hangover, give the gym a go!

Source: New York Post