Singing and dancing with your kids will make you like each other more says study

omg 03/05/2018

A new study from ScienceDaily has revealed that singing and dancing with your children can drastically improve your relationship with them both in the short and long term

"With young kids, musical activity is fairly common - singing lullabies, doing nursery rhymes. With teenagers, it's less common, and when things are less common you might find bigger effects, because when these things happen, they're super important."

The research went on to add that a key factor to the improved relationship is simply in the art of doing something together.

"Synchronization, or coordination, is something that happens when people play music together or listen to music together."

"If you play music with your parent or listen to music with your parents, you might do synchronized activities like dancing or singing together, and data shows that that causes you to like one another more."

They also added that the effects of this will actually last longer in to life as well.

 "If you have little kids, and you play music with them, that helps you be closer to them, and later in life will make you closer to them."

"If you have teenagers and you can successfully listen to music together or share musical experiences with them, that has an even stronger effect on your future relationship and the child's perception of the relationship in emerging adulthood."

So next time you are with your family and your favourite song comes on, don't be afraid to get stuck in and have a ball!