Woman calls date a 'passion killer' after he asks to split the dinner bill

omg 16/05/2018

A woman has sparked a heated debate on Mumsnet after admitted to feeling disappointed her date tried to split the dinner bill with her.

"I am very independent, decent career, probably generally feminist views on the whole." she wrote.

"He made it very clear he liked me... But it was such a turn off when he started calculating how much it was each! It just was a passion killer; can't explain why!"

People were quick to give their feedback with many people calling her views out of date.

"I’d think it weird to expect a guy to pay in most circumstances. Splitting costs is best. There is no reason for it to be awkward." wrote one person

Another added "I would absolutely expect to split. And would feel pretty uncomfortable not splitting on the first date."

But others were more inline with the woman's views...

One woman bluntly stated that "If he liked you that much he would just have paid and said nothing to impress you."

"I agree it would put me off if the man didn’t pay," added another.

What do you think, should the man have paid the whole bill on the first date?

Source: The Sun