Woman exposes how beauty bloggers rid their body of 'imperfections'

omg 29/05/2018

Social Media can sometimes be a minefield when it comes to figuring our what's real and what's not... Especially when people use it to try and out their best foot forward.

But Instagram user tk_line09 has shown a simple trick that beauty bloggers often use to rid their body of 'imperfections', when posting online.

"Sometimes your 'body goals' may not always be what they appear to be (especially on Instagram)." the woman wrote.

"Thank you, angles and lighting for helping me see that I’m still ****ing FLAWESOME from every point of view!! And so are YOU."

People were quick to praise the woman's honesty and for exposing how lighting can make such a huge difference.

"Shows how misleading Instagram is when it comes to females. It’s good to feel good but be real and proud with the REAL YOU and not filters and 50 photos before u choose one." one person wrote.

"Thank you for putting yourself out there and inspiring girls and women with your confidence. You are beautiful." someone else added.

Another person confessed that "I was just looking at my thighs in the dressing room today and feeling bad. Thank you! They are fabulous just the way they are!"

Hopefully her honest posts continue to inspire other people!